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Bus QR code payment ticketing system


Based on the mobile for the QR code technology, establish bus QR code payment ticketing system information center, Mobile APP is the client, supported by computer network, security encryption technology, vehicle QR code payment terminal, third-party payment and mobile phone recharge,to build the set of bus QR code for bus ticketing management, data acquisition, storage, query, statistics, analysis of complete information system, safe and reliable.

Cloud platform functions

trading system


support system


Interface system


Settlement management system

 Basic information management


 System management


 Top-up interface


 Communication service sub-system

 Ticketing management


 Parameter management


 Refund interface


 Equipment maintenance sub-system

 Account management


 Key management


 Checking interface


 Merchant management sub-system:

 Sending management


 The safety management


 Settlement interface


 Operation monitoring sub-system

 Top-up management


 Communication management


 Query interface


 Accounting sub-system

 Data communications


 System maintenance


 Report interface


 Interface sub-system

 The data distribution






 Authority sub-system

 Reconciliation and settlement






 Report query sub-system

 Blacklist management






 WEB client system

 Report management






 System maintenance sub-system

 System maintenance













Bus travel APP/ Applet/Official account



Bus travel APP


Account registration

Account recharge


Code-scanning to ride

Payment methods

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