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Huajie Qr code bus terminal join the Qingdao Qindaotong operation system

Time:2017-08-28 Click:516

Qingdao Qindaotong supports mobile phone code-scanning taking the bus! According to information, the first Qr code payment vehicle terminal was put into use on the Pingdu bus.The city bus machine will be put into use soon, depending on the installation schedule.

The design and operating system of the vehicle-mounted machine is in line with the industry standard and is divided into three functional areas.The upper part is the credit card-swiping area, supporting Qindaotong card and enjoying related credit card discounts. The middle part is a liquid crystal display, showing fare and consumption information. The lower half is the scan area. Download “Qindaotong”APP on the mobile phone. After the user has registered successfully, the user enters the “code-scanning and taking the bus” and recharges the account(A qr code cannot be generated when the account balance is less than 5 yuan.) Click to generate qr code after successful recharging and finish the code-scanning to take the bus.

Since Huajie is the frontier supplier of domestic transportation payment equipment and system platform, Huajie’s device is not only ergonomic, but also has quick card-swiping and code-scanning function. Meanwhile, the company is keeping pace with the Times, keeping promoting new product.Huajie urban public transport cloud payment sharing platform and public transport qr code device, the qr code aggregation payment device, the medical qr code aggregation payment device are also being launched in many cities. Huajie brings a new payment experience to the general public.

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