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Huajie took part in 2018 Seamless Asia payment show

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The 2018 Seamless Asia(23th) was held in Suntec Singapore in May 3th-4th.This exhibition mainly deals with the technical achievements display of  financial technology industry chain, combining joint connection of payment,bank,retail and cross-border electronic commerce. It is the largest and most professional financial technology and payment exhibition in Asia.Wuxi Huajie electronics international commissioners brought the company's latest products to the exhibition.

(Wuxi Huajie international market commissioner explains products to customers)

At this exhibition,Huajie electronics demonstrated its own researched and developed bus-mounted card-swiping, code-scanning all-in-one machine and bus-mounted Qr code payment terminals as well as other public transportation smart card, city smart card hardware equipment and relevant solution. Advanced equipment and complete and flexible solution made the company shine brilliantly at the exhibition.The integrator,agent, payment solution vendors, hardware and equipment manufacturers, software developers from all over the world, especially from the southeast Asian countries, came to Huajie electronics booth to visit and consult.

(Wuxi Huajie international market commissioner explains products to customers)

During the exhibition,the Huajie electronics international market team shared the convenience and safety of payment with customers from all over the world.The two parties had a deep discussion and a collision of views. Huajie electronics leading product development capability and rich project implementation experience got the unanimous approval of customers.Some buyers expressed hope to purchase the prototype after the product demonstration.Many customers also expressed the hope to be Huajie’s agents.This is of great significance for the development of Huajie electronics in the southeast Asian market.

(Wuxi Huajie international market commissioner discusses cooperation case with customers)

The exhibition fully displayed the advantages of the products,letting the company further understand the industry dynamics and international needs, and prepare for the future cooperation with international clients.

(Wuxi Huajie international market team take photo with client)

Honesty and innovation is Huajie’s rule. Huajie will continue to invest in research and development in the future,dedicated the best products and best service to each customer,continuing to promote the development of southeast Asia and global payment industry.

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