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Xihuajie Electronics Moganshan, Nanxun Group Construction Travel Activities

Time:2019-03-19 Click:47

From March 8th to March 10th, all employees of Wuxi Huajie Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. carried out the first employee team building activities in 2019.It is also the festival of the "March 8" International Women's Day. On the morning of March 8th, the group employees ended their physical examination and drove to Mogan Mountain Scenic Spot in Deqing, Zhejiang Provice Nanxun Ancient Town in Huzhou. The event played a good role in promoting team cohesion and strengthening communication and communication between team members. It played a good role in promoting the company's annual business goals.

On the evening of March 8, all members arrived at Moganshan, and the two-day group building activity officially kicked off. At the beginning of the event, General Manager Liu Yuexiang gave a speech first. He said: "I am very pleased to be able to gather with you through such a form. This activity aims to strengthen communication and exchanges between colleagues and enhance the various departments. The opportunity to understand each other. In Huajie, each of our employees is like an engine, playing their own strengths under the company's big platform. I hope that everyone in our big family will work together to make the company bigger while also Work is done fine, the industry is deep. Everyone can realize their value through a platform like Huajie."

On the morning of March 9, all the staff started the shuttle in Moganshan under the guidance of the tour guide. The Jianchi Scenic Area has the most ups and downs, and it is the most laborious node of the whole activity. All employees encourage each other and support each other and never drop a colleague. In the activities of Moganshan, everyone showed their talents. Some people were responsible for taking pictures, some were responsible for backpacks, some were responsible for the activities, and the activities were carried out in an orderly manner and full of fun. Everyone also enhanced mutual trust and understanding.

On the evening of March 9th, we stayed in Nanxun. On the morning of the 10th, I came to the scenic spot of Nanxun Ancient Town. Everyone visited the important sights such as Xiaolianzhuang, Liushijia Temple and Jiaye Library, and felt the architectural pattern of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Ming Dynasty.  After that, everyone is free to visit other attractions in the scenic area. Return to the company after lunch.

The first employee organization activity in 2019 ended in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. The company's female employee also deeply felt the company's care and care.Employees understand each other through this event, and through the activities such as mountaineering, they have tempered everyone's will and created a more positive corporate culture.

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