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The era of "brushing face" is coming, these major areas are changing!

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    The popularity of today's smartphones is getting higher and higher, from Alipay's earliest QR code payment to the payment of more payment methods. As the level of intelligence is getting higher and higher, the face payment has gradually become popular. It can be said that you don’t have to use the “one machine in hand” to travel around the world, or even the mobile wallet does not need to carry, only one face. You can travel all over the world.

     Although facial recognition technology is still in the development stage, many companies at home and abroad regard it as a disruptive force in many fields. From Ali's unmanned retail stores to the disappearance of attraction tickets, facial recognition technology is gradually changing more and more fields......

Security law enforcement
Interest in facial recognition technology has proliferated in recent years, and the number of patent applications has begun to show explosive growth around 2016. The number of patent applications in 2019 has remained high. If you live in a hotel when you travel, you will be asked to compare face and identity information. This is a good example.

Hotel industry
In the hospitality industry, the application of facial recognition technology enables merchants to provide better customer service. Binding this technology to the customer's account allows employees to provide them with better, more personalized services. Just like smart hotel technology, after the customer can walk into the hotel lobby, the check-in process will be completed automatically. At the same time, customers can also enter the room directly through facial recognition, so that the waiter can provide them with more personalized services. Tenants can check in with face recognition, which takes only 1 minute. After the check-in is completed, the room rate is automatically deducted from their account.

Social media/entertainment
Another application scenario for facial recognition is to eliminate boredom. Like the little games on QQ in the past few days, it can help users find the stars that look good and close to them. Or you can find the artwork that matches the facial features of the user by analyzing the user's self-portrait. In the use of facial recognition for personal entertainment, video chat functions such as some social software can analyze the user's face and then add makeup to the picture or add rabbit ears and cat ears. These tools also recognize if the user's mouth is open, so that you can add a dog's tongue or other makeup to the picture at the right time.

Public transit
In the field of public transportation, facial recognition technology can add a layer of protection to user identification. When face recognition enters the bus field, the bus driver can enter the account through face recognition to ensure that the driver's working time is determined. The same is true for passengers. The public transport facial payment machine can directly confirm when the passenger gets on the bus. In addition to the means of payment, it also avoids the use of old or student cards. I believe that the public security is not a small guarantee in the future.

Smart restaurant
Many restaurants are already using facial recognition technology to enhance the customer experience, especially for old customers, such as special discounts or membership services. In addition, the canteens of enterprises and institutions are also identified by the technology of facial recognition on the basis of smart restaurants.

Consumer Electronics
This is already a routine operation of the public, and now more and more consumer electronics products are beginning to use facial recognition technology to unlock mobile phones, computers, and flat lights. In addition, such as smart mirrors, it has facial recognition and skin analysis, which can provide users with a variety of personalized wear recommendations, as well as direct virtual trials. For blind people with inconvenient life, facial recognition can not only recognize faces but also recognize characters, so it is very helpful for blind people.

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