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Zhoushan citizen card opens 32 applications Air recharging platform test run

Time:2016-04-15 Click:251
At present, Zhoushan citizen card recharging platform (Zhoushan citizen card APP) begins a test run, which means from now on, citizen can use mobile phone to recharge the e-wallet.


Recharging e-wallet by mobile phone needs to meet two requirements. Citizen owns a mobile phone with NFC(nearby wireless communication technology). Now the platform only supports Android version 4.2 or above. At the same time, citizen needs to download citizen APP and places citizen card to NFC Induction zone. After detailed information of citizen card appears, click “recharging the e-wallet” on the down-left corner and choose recharging amount and payment method and confirm to pay.


It is reported that till now, citizen card  has 32 application functions, including taking bus already open to citizen card, leasing public bicycle, shopping, buying cards or refueling in Zhoushan art theatre, Putuo baoli theatre, big guangming studios ,Pacific studios ,Zhoushan port comprehensive free trade zone imported goods direct marketing center lichen shop, Gas station specified by sinopec, petrochina.  It is estimated that in April, parking meters for Dinghai district will be launched. Till then, citizen card will replace current parking meters card and citizen can pay the parking fee by e-wallet.


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