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Will NPC function become standard configuration for T RMB mobile phone market?

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Several years ago, Leijun, founder of MIUI said MIUI would never produce T RMB mobile phones. However, shortly afterwards, Hongmi series is launched and this series brings large sale to MIUI, making it become highest value technology company. Similarly, Smartisan Technology founded by Teacher Luo finally launches Jianguo mobile phone and begins to develop T RMB mobile phone. What magic makes these entrepreneurs follow up? It is not difficult to understand.


Firstly, “Cost performance” has become a standard for customer to evaluate the products. The trade is promoted by MIUI. No matter what product you launch, customers will use the standard to evaluate. If the product meets the majority of customers’ needs, the product will receive intensive concern; Secondly, T RMB mobile phone covers the most majority of customers and is the most popular among customers. Once receive customers’ attention, the product will bring good performance. Finally, to gain a foothold in this field is also the best way to improve brand awareness.


As entrepreneurs see many benefits to enter T RMB mobile phone field, they will not break their promise. After all, no merchant is not willing to make money. For this reason, many mobile phone makers fight “price war”, which to some extent means real savings for customers, for example, improve T RMB mobile phone quality and configuration. Especially since the second half of last year, configuration that expected to appear in the high-end models like metal, fingerprints, 2.5 D screen now appears in T RMB mobile phone. Of course this year is no exception. Then let’s see in 2016, what configuration will be popular among T RMB mobile phones?




In the middle of February 2016, Apple pay which is spread among customers is launched officially. The function is based on NFC to realize payment by mobile phone. Later, Samsung announced Samsung Pay is launched. Compared to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay’s strength is offline pay. Two giants’ action will definitely bring bright future to NFC and will bring explosive growth for the reason that domestic mobile phone factories promote their own payment function.


Although NFC is expected to be popular, from the current situation, higher price and promotion are key elements to influence popularity. For this reason, self-owned brands improve market share by decreasing the price, for example, ZTE A910 launched by ZTE is a cheap affordable NFC smart phone and supports Unionpay cloud flash, bus card, campus smart card function.


When it comes to this, some people may ask” although NFC is applied in ZTE A910, most T RMB mobile phones don’t have NFC function, will this technology be popular this year? Actually, NFC technology appears several years ago and is mature now, but lack opportunity. But now, various pay function’s rise meet the NFC’s universal conditions, so NFC will probably enter numerous households this year.




Because of rubbish recycle mechanism in Android system, larger operation and save is needed to close application program started in background, which indirectly leads caton phenomenon after the mobile phone is used for a certain period of time and the open of too many software. Cell phone memory upgrades from hundreds of MB to 4GB or more, which is the outcome of upgrading operation memory. The configuration of T RMB mobile phones has been strengthened.




When metal, fingerprints, 2.5 D screen become popular in the second half of last year, several mobile phone types have 3GB RAM but the trade is not popular. With the launch of new mobile phone of different brands,3GB memory is popular in TRMB mobile phones.




When it comes to NetMosa, some people may still think it only supports Mobile, unicom, telecom’s mobile phones. However, it’s not true. Now NetMosa is not the same as before. As the popular of 4G technology, smart phones not supporting Mobile, unicom, telecom’s 2G/3G/4G network is not the real NetMosa. As a result, most current manufacturers launch NetMosa phone types to meet all above conditions.




Certainly, this concept is a selling point in T RMB phone field. The same as 3GB memory market condition, although the technology is used by manufacturer, the technology doesn’t have universal access. As time goes by, real NetMosa T RMB phone number gradually increases. Charm Blue Series in Meizu launches NetMosa phone type. Thus it can be seen that real NetMosa will be popular this year.


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