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Lingnan tong become China’s largest regional transportation IC card system

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Recently, learning from guangdong province transportation hall, we know that bus smart card “Lingnan Tong” technology standard of Guangdong province issued over 50 million cards. Till April,2016, Lingnan Tong’s accumulated consumption number is 26.25 billion. Consumption amount is about 44.76 billion. Cross-regional consumption number reached 1.26billion. Cross-regional consumption amount is 2.75 billion. Average daily charge amount is over 12million. Cross-regional daily charge number is over 1 million. Lingnan Tong becomes China’s largest cross-regional smart card system.




We have learnt that in the second half of 2009, according to <The pearl river delta region development plan for reform > leased by Provincial party committee, Guangdong province transportation hall sent <The public traffic card scheme work > to the provincial government in order to solve the problem of “multiple cards, but not connect”. The scheme receives approval from provincial government in September, 2010.After receiving approval, Guangdong province transportation hall immediately launched the province smart card project implementation work, set up the province-level public traffic card system of joint conference and promoted setting up province bus smart card company- Lingnan Tong company.


Before Guangzhou Asian Games began on Aug. 11st,2010 , the first province smart card” Lingnan Tong” is officially issued. On Feb.3rd, 2015, province transportation hall   convened a meeting called” one single card in hand, one single ticket can go home”, declaring that province public traffic one card system is basically realized. Not only that, the provincial public traffic smart card was awarded two national gold award for ants ,Priority to the development of urban public transportation reform and innovation in guangdong province, Second prize of science and technology progress prize in guangdong province, Yuexiu district science and technology progress prize award, etc.


At present, Lingnan Tong basically open to use in 21cities in Guangdong province. The service is provided in Hongkong, Macau district and covers all 19 cities of the province.  According to the author, next, Province transportation hall will further promote Liingnan Tong interconnectivity, making it available in Shenzhen, Dongguan;   prefecture-level city which is open Lingnan Tong is encouraged to expand Lingnan Tong to district, county and rural areas. Based on the idea of “ pilot first --Develop overall”, Guangdong province promotes with all strength traffic all-in-one-card interconnectivity work throughout the country, letting people travel all round China enjoy conveniently sweeping card to take bus. At the same time, Guangdong province continues to push forward “smart card 2.0 strategy”.  User as the center, Lingnan Tong changes from offline wallet to “offline wallet +online wallet”, from city smart card to “district smart card, country smart card”, from city public traffic to “Complete coverage of transportation ”.


Data Lingnan Tong


Cumulative consumption number26.25 billion, consumption amount 44.76 billion


Cross-regional consumption number 1.26billion Cross-regional consumption amount 2.75 billion


Average daily charge number: over 12 million, Cross-regional daily charge number: over 1 million 

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