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Nanjing Metro realize national transportation interconnectivity

Time:2016-07-27 Click:277


In the morning of Jul 7th, Nanjing Metro’s realization of national one card interconnectivity opening ceremony was held in Nanjing Station, which contributes to the realization of 100 cities’ city card interconnectivity this year.



Nanjing Metro realized interconnectivity of entering and exiting card-swiping channel last year. In the first half of last year, Nanjing completed the interconnectivity task of six metro lines (2519 Brake machine channel in total). Nanjing take the lead to achieve the complete coverage of bus card in metro line and currently has realized interconnectivity with 41 cities, including 13 prefecture-level cities in Jiangsu , Beijing and Tianjing, etc.


It is understood that to better serve bus one card system of different places, Nanjing Metro and Nanjing citizen card company open 96095 consulting service hotline. At present, citizen can online inquire information related to bus one card system of different cities. This year, Jiangsu Province is promoting public transportation one card work to county(city) and will realize interconnectivity in more than half of county(city)card system.


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