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Mobile officing APP

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1.Intelligent scheduling:real-time display of vehicle operation routes,route condition,receipt and return of the dispatch instructions issued by the dispatcher,adjusting the driving route and bus time in time, adding or reducing bus, bus frequency,etc; conducting personnel replacement, bus replacement,management shift task, and other operations according to the actual condition.


2.Operation monitoring:view real-time images of surveillance in vehicles,check the monitoring screen in the past time period,abnormal vehicles and abnormal conditions are displayed when an abnormal operation occurs to inform management in time.


3.Vehicle management:check the basic operating information of the vehicle(route number,bus number,operation time,distance,etc.),unified manage new and scrapped vehicles;select and view vehicle maintenance records;submit maintenance requirements.


4.Attendance and leave management :checking the attendance record;abnormal attendance record complaints;application for annual leave.


5.Statistical statement:check the route revenue daily report,provide reference for new vehicle arrangement; view the bar chart of the time division revenue statistics;provide reference for scheduling.



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