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Smart travel APP

Time:2018-04-30 Click:100

1.Route search:provide fuzzy search of route name,stop name;search results show the route details, for example: direction,time of first and last bus, ticket fare,bus real-time arrival information,etc.


2.Recommended travel:search first and last stop via key word(name query, map setpoint);travel recommendation results are sorted according to the conditions like less change,less stops,etc.


3.Arrival stop remind: via APP inside information push, inform users of bus arrival information and other information.


4.Cloud card taking bus: support e-bus card taking bus, quick and convenient,avoid change or using cards; support payment ways: Wechat APP, Alipay, company self-defined Qr code,etc.


5.Customized bus:provide bus rental service to company users,provide custom route service to personal users.


6.Marketing service:help bus company in sharing information, value-added push,etc.



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