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Bus brake (customizable) Product code: WXHJ-2072

Bus brake (customizable) Product code: WXHJ-2072
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        Wuxi Huajie Electronic Information Technology Co.,Ltd
        Tel:       0510-85221331
        Phone:   +86 18006195900
        Wechat:  kk425658
        QQ:      284933174
        Address: 6th Road, Building A5, No. 854, Yinxiu Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province
       Composition:304 stainless steel
       Installation:Installation of vertical bar and horizontal bar
       Brake rod length: 510(mm)
       Direction of rotation of brake rod: clockwise 、counter clockwise(optional)                                                                                       
       Opening gate time duration:0.2s
       Pass speed:20-30people/min
       Function:NFC(optional)、QR code(optional)
       Communication interface :Wiggins interface、RS485

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