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Intelligent charging pile for electric vehicle

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Product Detail

    Ergonomic design: The height of machine, screen, keyboard, charging connector is suitable for operation.

    A variety of payment methods: available for intelligent charge by using IC card, support various IC cards such as recharging card, citizen card, bus card, financial card, mobile phone card, support WeChat and Alipay, support Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, MIUI Pay.

    User screen: There's prompt when charging succeeds. Provide access to check balance of the IC card and print transaction receipt

    Design for safety: have the function of electric leakage, short way, over-voltage, low-voltage, overflowing protection. It ensures charging pile safe and its protection level is IP54.

    Remote monitoring: have perfect security protection control logic including judgement for connection status of charging interface, interlocking, guidance and control.

    Networking function: networking with the management center via wired(RS485, CAN) or wireless (2G, 3G, 4G) networks or other ways, actualizing consumer record collection and remote monitoring.


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