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Taxi POS machine

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Product Detail

    Product name: Taxi POS machine

    Specifications: WXHJ-2081-CZ

    Main function:

    Support card center to issue CPU cards conforming to specifications issued by the ministry of construction

    Inserting drivers’ card into meter end can automatically complete sign in and sign out function

    Backup card records and provide data export function, interface and software

    Reject operation with non-system card

    Meter end has the function of showing accrued amount, IC card amount and balance

    Have prompt of successful transaction or failure (Meter end shows the error code and the voice prompt)

    Transaction time: quick card-swiping speed, typically, the whole card-swiping transaction process time is less than one second

    Clock: have the function of online clock calibration

    Manual reconciliation: if dissent transaction exists, trading instruments can be manually reconciled.

    Complete voice prompt function including get on the bus, get off, brush card successfully, brush card fail, data acquisition, data acquisition fail, etc.

    Technical indicators:

    Working voltage: 12VDC

    Working current: 150mA (typical) 300mA (maximum)

    Working temperature: -10℃~+65℃

    Working humidity : <90%RH

    Communication interface:RS232(4800~9600)or USB interface

    CPU: 32-bit ARM

    Working frequency: 13.56MHZ

    Communication Frequency: 106Kbps

    Typical read and write distance: 35mm

    Typical read and write time: <300ms

    SAM card slots: two

    Memory: 64K bytes ROM, 256 bytes SRAM, 2K bytes EEROM,2M FLASH

    Radio frequency communication interface: Mifare@ non-contact card reader, TYPEA or TYPEB

    Vehicle-mounted switching power supply have wide range of voltage stabilizing ability and can be normally work on Gasoline, diesel oil, natural gas engine automobile

    IC card-swiping machine can enter consumption status after starting up

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