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Tram ticket machine

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Product Detail

    Product features:

    Support tram value card , city card

    Support financial IC card

    Support mobile phone card

    Support two-dimension code

    Support Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, MIUI Pay

    Support Interconnectivity card of the ministry of communications

    Support Interconnectivity card of the ministry of housing

    Technical parameters:

    Processor: 32 bit ARM, Dominant frequency: 120MHz

    Memory:8Kb ferroelectric storage,8MB+8MB DataFlash

    Non-contact card function: support logic encryption card and CPU card conforming to

    ISO14443 standard ,for example:Mifare1 S50/S70,MifarePro, financial IC card, 13.56 mobile card, etc.

    Swiping code function: two-dimension code, etc.

    SAM card: support four SAM cards conforming to ISO7816 agreement

    Voice: can store 250 voices, voices can be updated by software and do not need teardown

    Display: digital display or LCD display

    The power supply: 8-60V input, with over voltage, over current, reverse protection

    Communication interface: RS232, Infrared interface, USB interface

    Wireless communications (optional): GPRS/CDMA/3G/4G/WIFI/GPS

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