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Bus-mounted advertisement,card-swiping,code-scanning,top-up all-in-one machine

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    Product nameBus card-swiping, code-scanning and top-up all-in-one machine

    Product modelWXHJ-2083-B

    Hardware configuration

    Configuration item


    CPU Qualcomm Quad-Core MSM8917

    Dominant frequency 1.4GHz

    Operation system Android
    Memory RAM is not less tan 1GB ,Data storage is not less than 8GB
    Contactless card module 13.56M card typeM1CPUfinancial cardNFC

    Support industry standard of Ministry of Housing,Ministry of Communications,Unionpay

    Support IC card bus top-up and supplementary registration

    Qr code recognition and read module Support self Qr code application technology standard and third-party Qr code application technology standard of Ministry of Housing,Ministry of Communications, Alipay, Wechat,etc.
    Display 5 inch LCDLED Nixie tube optional

    two status light on the back to display card transaction status

    Wireless communication module 4G fits all kinds of networks

    Optional Configuration WIFIbluetoothinfrared

    Indicator light with
    SAM card 4 card slot
    Buzzle 1
    Key 4 mechanical key
    Communication interface 1 RS2321 USB
    Orientation GPS/Big Dipper
    Mounting bracket 1
    Key 1
    Power Cables One, 30cm (with aviation plug) 

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