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Bus POS machine (international)

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Product Detail

    Product feature

    Support citizen card, city card, public transit card

    Support financial IC card

    Support mobile phone card

    Support Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, MIUI Pay

    Support Interconnectivity card of the ministry of communications

    Support Interconnectivity card of the ministry of housing

    Technical parameter

    Processor: 32 bit ARM, Dominant frequency:120MHz

    Memory: 8Kb ferroelectric storage,8MB+8MB DataFlash

    Non-contact card function: support logic encryption card and CPU card conforming to

    ISO14443 standard , for example:Mifare1 S50/S70,MifarePro financial IC card

    13.56 mobile phone card, etc

    SAM card: support four SAM cards conforming to ISO7816 agreement

    Voice: can store 250 voices, voices can be updated by software and do not need teardown

    Display: digital display or LCD display

    The power supply: 8-60V input, with over voltage, over current, reverse protection

    Communication interface: RS232, Infrared interface, USB interface

    Wireless communications (optional): GPRS/CDMA/3G/4G/WIFI/GPS

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