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Handheld POS machine (color screen)

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Product Detail

    Product name: Handheld POS machine (color screen)

    Specification: WXHJ-2081-S5

    Application: situation featured portable brush card of consumption like city smart card (citizen smart card) projects like client consumption, garden ticket, etc.

    The product is an industrial PDA with 13.56MHzRFID read-write μC/OS operation system. Different from traditional bar code handheld data terminals, the products’ biggest characteristic is that it can choose 13.56MHzRFID read-write module of different standard agreement according to customers’ need and it can easily and quickly identify SO14443A、ISO14443B,ISO15693 standard non-contact IC card and Electronic tags. The product is concise and easy, light and easy to carry, easy one-handed operation;7.4V/2400mAh huge battery cooperating with host’s low interference circuit design and low power consumption system driver design can guarantee your long life and continuous work time requirements. At the same time, company provides open, friendly, general second development platform. Rich and clear development instructions can help integrators and developers rapidly develop efficient application procedure.


    Processor: ARM7

    Operation system: μC/OS

    Memory:8MB Flash Memory,8MB RAM

    Display: 2.8' QVGA TFT Color LCD screen, with resistive touch screens,65K color, Resolution ratio:320*240

    Keyboard: 20 keys, Numbers, letters and function keys


    Slot (optional): Micro SD, the biggest support 2G; one SIM, two PSAM

    Voice buzzer (optional speaker)

    Indicator light: one red GPRS/CDMA indicator light, one red charge indicator light

    Battery: 7.4V/2400mAh lithium polymer battery

    Size: 180(H)*78(W)*38(T) mm

    Weight: (Battery included) 360g (standard configuration, in kind prevail)

    Wireless communication

    GPRS (optional) GPRS (Dual-frequency: 900/1800MHz)

    CDMA(optional) CDMA 1X (single-frequency:800MHz)

    Working frequency: 13.56MHz

    Support agreement: ISO14443A or ISO5693

    Transmission power: 200mW

    Communication distance:0~10cm(Effective distance is related to Electronic tags and working environment)

    Working temperature:-10℃~55℃ Storage temperature:-20℃~65℃


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