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Bus Smart Card Payment Ticketing System


     In non-contact IC card to pay for the carrier, information center, building bus ticket management system with computer networks, security encryption equipment, car payment terminals, prepaid phone for support, to set the bus by IC card issuance and cash ticket business management, data acquisition, storage, query, statistics, analysis, which integrates the complete, safe, reliable public transport ticketing system, can also be extended to city smart card field, achieve a multi-purpose card.


Clearing management center

Customer service center

Settlement management center

User side

Basic information management

System setting

Basic information management

Card recharge

Key management

Sign in and out

Line fare management

Swipe card consumption

Ticket card initialization

Card issueTop-up

POS machine equipment registration management

One ticket system

Card type management

Report the loss of card and cancel loss report

Equipment operation and maintenance monitoring

Multi-ticket system

Ticket and card inventory management

Reissue\Change\Return the card

Blacklist update

Transfer discounts

Account management

Special card annual check

Data acquisition management

Connectivity of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development

Equipment management

Report query

Reconciliation and settlement management

National connectivity of the ministry of communications

Communication management


Operating reports


ConsumptionTop-up data management


System maintenance


Clearing and reconciliation settlement




Reporting system




System maintenance




   Payment methods

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