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Bus Aggregation Payment and Settlement Management Platform


   Bus aggregation payment ticketing system is based on contactless IC card, QR code, face as payment carrier, bus aggregation payment terminal and ticket management system software (aggregate payment ticket clearing center management platform, bus aggregate payment and settlement platform, etc).

   Supported by computer network and security technology, it is a complete, safe and reliable information system that integrates IC card, QR code and face payment ticket business management, data collection, storage, statistics, analysis and inquiry.

   The bus aggregation payment and settlement management platform is deployed in the bus company.

   As the second-level management platform, it is connected to the first-level management platform - the aggregation payment ticket clearing center management platform, which is responsible for the bus.

   System functions

Communication service sub-system

Merchant management sub-system

Reconciliation and settlement sub-system


WEB client terminal sub-system

Equipment maintenance sub-system

Operation monitoring sub-system

Interface sub-system

Report query sub-system

System maintenance sub-system


   Payment methods

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