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7" Face Payment Canteen Consumption Device

Model No.HJ-XF70-G


1) This product is a new generation of face recognition technology based on the fixed on the wall of the canteen consumption machine independently developed by our company.

2) Through the examination of facial information personnel in and out of the restaurant, to identify and extract the corresponding settlement account, to achieve automatic deduction.

3) This product is widely used in offices, enterprises, institutions, schools and other canteen consumption occasions.


1) This product is a new generation of wall-mounted canteen consumption machine based on face recognition technology independently developed by our company.

2) Through checking the facial information of the personnel entering and leaving the restaurant, the identification is carried out and the corresponding settlement account is extracted.

3) The automatic deduction of fees is settled to realize the consumption of the canteen of face recognition.Employees first register and recharge the face account. When paying and settling, users need to point at the face recognition equipment, which will automatically capture and recognize the face information.If the recognition and comparison are successful, the fees will be automatically deducted and settled, and corresponding consumption records will be generated.When the alignment fails or there is no balance in the account, the user is prompted by voice or screen.

4) Non-employees or visitors can use temporary cards, QR codes and other means (optional) for payment and settlement.

5) This product is widely used in offices, enterprises, institutions, schools and other canteen consumption occasions.




Android 8.0


The main frequency of 6 core 64 bit CPU exceeds 2.0GHz


2G Running+16G Memory

Face capacity

Up to 60000 faces

Record capacity

Up to 200000 records


7 TFT color LCD 1280*800 + 4.3 TFT color LCD


Dual-camera or single, 2 million pixels, living-identify



Ethernet /WIFI/4G/5G/BL/RS232/RS485  


Support enterprise face payment

Support IC card;NFC;QR code payment (optional)

WeChat or Alipay or Unionpay face payment (optional)



Provide SDK secondary development package


Device APP, stand-alone version or network version (cloud version) canteen consumption management software

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