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Customized Bus Brake

Model No.WXHJ-2072

Shell:304 stainless steel


Installation:Installation of vertical bar and horizontal bar
Brake rod length:510(mm)
Direction of rotation of brake rod:clockwise,counter clockwise(optional)
Opening gate time : duration 0.2s Pass speed:20-30people/min
Function:NFC(optional),QR code (optional)
Communication interface :Wiggins interface,RS485

This product is an on-board brake independently developed by our company,which can be linked with the on-board payment terminal or driver console to automatically open and close the brake.

The appearance of the whole product adopts imported stainless steel plate stamping forming,the shape is beautiful and generous, rust-proof, durable, can resist external damage.

The passageway composed of rectangular chassis and gate lever can provide orderly and civilized way for people to enter and exit, prevent illegal entry and exit, and quickly control falling or closing lever in case of emergency.


Specification parameter


304 stainless steel housing




Verticalhorizontal installation

Brake pole length


   Brake rod maximum capacity


Brake lever drive mode

Digital way

Light hint

Direction indication

Other features

Control panel with counting function, LED digital display function, voice prompt function (optional)

Work movement

24V German technology homemade solenoid valve

Brake lever rotation direction

Two-way, one-way(optional)

Emergency measures

Automatic pole fall when power drop

Start time

0.2 seconds

Traffic speed

20-30 people/min


NFC :(optional),QR code (optional)

Communication interface

Weigen interface, RS485

The temperature

- 10 ℃ to 50 ℃


Left to single swipe card pass, right to single swipe card pass, power down bar function, manual down bar function...

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